In general I am attracted to the plastic deconstruction of the figurative through pictorial gestures. During the pictorial process I propose to overtake the plastic emotion which confines to chromatic harmony and contrast and I am also interested in organizing the composition through a vectorial system; in balancing or stimulating the composition.
The matter’s utopia of these works comes from urban and social environment, as an impression through which human being feels himself small and fragile as compared to social materialism.
The matter represents for me structure, texture, rugged surfaces, matte and glossy, but also volume, being thus an intention that requires a way out of the pictorial two-dimension.
The diversity of objects found in the industrial and advertising area are taken so that they could change their usefulness and discover another sense, other than the one they had as functionality before being processed; in this way the already manufactured become a source of the plastic processing.

Dan Maciuca


1979 born in Romania
2002-06 Bachelor of Arts & Master degrees in painting, University of Art and Design, Cluj-Napoca / RO
2008 Ongoing PhD research, Cultural Interferences, University of Art and Design, Cluj-Napoca / RO

Currently lives and works in Cluj-Napoca / RO


2016 Utopian Proximity, Patrick Heide Contemporary Art / GB
2014 Colliding Geometry, Zorzini gallery. Bucharest / RO
2012 Nothing To Hide, Bazis Platform, Cluj / RO
2011 Common Place, Ivan Gallery, Bucharest / RO
2009 Post Romantic. Post Atomic. Post Rock. Post Socialist Realism., Laika gallery, Bucharest / RO
2006 Critical Temperature, Art Museum, Cluj-Napoca / RO


2015 painting-cluj, Galerie Martin Kudlek, Cologne / D
2014 The Flesh Of Things, Un-Painting The Romantics, Jecza Gallery, Timisoara / RO
Hidden Field, Bazis Platform, Pescara / I
2013 MUTATIONS, BAZIS contemporary art space, Berlin / D
2012 Cluj meets Berlin, BAZIS contemporary art space, Berlin / D
Modern Talking, Art Museum, Cluj- Napoca / RO
2011 The First Ten Years – Radio Galleries, Art Museum, Cluj- Napoca / RO
2010 Unusual suspects, Ivan gallery, Bucharest / RO


2013 Artpress 400|
2013 Hotspot Cluj New Romanian Art
2012 Arta, nr.6-7
2008 Bazis, 2
2008 Modem, Under Natural Circumstances
2004 Figurama, 04


2004 VSTUP, 2 Place, Drawing, Prague

Dan Maciuca

Eruption, 2015, Oil on Canvas, 130 x 150 cm

Dan Maciuca

Peripheric Landscape (DM/M 3), 2015, Oil on Canvas, 150 x 130 cm

Dan Maciuca

Industrial Landscape (DM/M 2), 2014, 50 x 50 cm