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Niels Sievers Portrait

Niels Sievers‘ landscapes are devoid of people. Here and there a fox scurries across the picture, a swan glides majestically across the dark water or scarecely recognizable birds disappear, becoming black dots in the wide open sky. Everything is covered in a subtle veil of mist that softens the contours without retracting from the emotional tension in these images. Classical painting genres are innovatively employed: a very low angled perspective on the woods make them appear huge, sometimes threatening, and reduces the importance of the human being in relation to nature. The horizons often lie so low that the works virtually consist of sky only which draws the viewer into the depth of the picture. The painting media employed by Sievers ranges from elements of graffiti to the techniques of the old masters. The surfaces he paints on also range from canvases to record covers. Together with a choice of occasionally unusual picture formats, these factors set his landscapes appart from the known and ordinary. Fine graduations in the mainly dark, subdued tones are so finely nuanced that a rich colour scheme unfolds to the viewer. One needs time and an attentive gaze to appreciate all the nuances of what is unfolding in his painting.

The urge towards infinity as it is formulated in Romanticism makes itself felt along with the wish for sublime self-reflection by one‘s own interaction with nature. But in stark contrast to the nostalgic landscapes of the 19th century, the atmosphere here is much more sombre. The uprooted humen being in the context of his own limitations and condemned to being left to his own devices becomes the theme of Siever‘s works even though he – the human being – never appears as a concrete figure.

// Niels Sievers / vita

1979 born in Niebüll / D
2002-2007 Studies at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (class Jörg Immendorff), masterstudent / D
2008 travelling scholarship of NRW, Kunstverein Düsseldorf / D
2009 Erwine Steinblum scholarship, Johannesburg
2013 Audience Award of the 67. Bergische Kunstaustellung

Currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


2018 Illusion, C&K Galerie, Berlin / D
it’s a kind of magic, Galerie Martin Kudlek, Cologne / D
after drowning, curated by Julia Ritterskamp, Düsseldorf / D
2016 in bloom, C&K Galerie, Berlin / D
my flowers bloom in a dark room, Galerie Martin Kudlek, Cologne / D
2014 IT’S ALL RIGHT, Galerie Martin Kudlek, Cologne / D
IT’S ALL WRONG, C&K Galerie, Berlin / D
2012 antistar, Kudlek van der Grinten Galerie, Cologne / D
escapes, Kunstbeitrag “Das Plateau”, Radius Verlag Stuttgart / D
2010 night on earth, Kunstbeitrag “Das Plateau”, Radius Verlag Stuttgart / D
2009 all the world is green, Galerie Geuer & Breckner, Düsseldorf / D
2008 Boys don’t cry, DUVE Berlin / D


2015 Mixed Pickles, C&K Galerie, Berlin / D
2014 Mythos Wald, Neue Galerie im Haus Beda, Bitburg / D
The beautiful changes, RH Contemporary Art, New York / USA
2013 Kunst Jetzt! Ida Gerhardi Förderpreis 2013, Städtische Galerie Lüdenscheid / D
67. Bergische Kunstausstellung, Kunstmuseum Solingen / D
2012 Dies ist die Nacht, die tausend Tagen Trotz kann sagen, Galerie der Guardini Stiftung, Berlin, C+K unterwegs / D
2011 sunbeam in the glasshouse, Kunstverein 701, Düsseldorf / D
inter deum et diabolum semper musica est, Minken & Palme, Berlin / D
There is no end, my friend, E105studio, Bonn / D
2010 alles/nichts/oder, Galerie Koal, Berlin / D
Landschaften, Leipzig / D
hotmaschini kunstkanone, Cologne / D
2009 Werkschau 1, Kunstraum Sylt-Quelle / D
4falt, Richard Haizmann Museum Niebüll, Kunstverein Niebüll / D
2008 Impulse 21”, Galerie Löhrl Mönchengladbach / D
Unmodern Normalism, Goethe Institut Rotterdam / NL
Spiegelbild, KIT, Düsseldorf / D
dipmaster 2”, Wandergalerie Stephanie Bender, Munich / D
2007 Back in Black, acapulco Düsseldorf / D
Von Pferden und Affen, Kl. Immendorff, Museum Ludwig Koblenz / D

Niels Sievers