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Liber Mundi/Imago Mundi

  • Christos Venetis

Jun 24 – Aug 5
Vernissage: Jun 23, 6:00 pm

In his work, Christos Venetis draws by playing a game between the motion and writing of the images, their reading and interpretation. Lined up in a row, his ‘animated’ drawings, albeit fragmented, create a lively narrative. The act of recording these drawings gives Venetis’ “anemic documents” a more precise and monumental dimension. Both the subjects of ‘bare life’ he chooses to design and the bare backs of books, i.e. the point where the content is violently removed for the sake of flow and union of the “film”, intensify the cognitive lawlessness of Venetis’ images and add drama to his narration. “Anemic Archives” drawing series is showing real and imaginary scenes and stills from all fields of life, reminiscent of a black and white photo album or a silent documentary film. Executed with pencil onto the inside of book covers with the actual pages removed, the covers are lined up on shelves to form stories with the apparent narrative withdrawn. Less linear, associative and subconscious strands of narrative emerge, the seemingly nostalgic ensemble of images develop a haunting if not subversive and painful undertone while settling in our mind…