Since 2009 the central theme of Erik de Bree’s work has been the breaking down of imagery. Working in series allows him with every series to develop a new technique. These techniques, a great variety of material additional and removal processes, facilitate coincidence to interfere leaving a visual trace in the resulting artwork.

The starting point for the series entitled “wallpaper paintings”, was de Bree’s decision to swap oil color for wallpaper and canvas for wooden panels. Having done so, this opened up a new perspective on his practice as painter, trained at Gerrit Rietveld Academy. For the wallpaper paintings he puts the wallpaper layer by layer on the panel. During the creative process, however, single layers are ripped off again. Some artworks are further worked on using spray-paint, aryl or ink. The removal of the overlapping wallpaper layers leads to unpredicted, yet intended results as De Bree likes to think of the entire process as one of “creating a context in which unexpected things can happen”.


1977 born in Haarlem / NL
1998 – 1999Studies at Willem de Kooning academie, Rotterdam / NL
2005 – 2008Studies at Rietveld academie, Amsterdam / NL

Currently lives and works in Haarlem, Netherlands.


2018wishy washy, chitty chatty, C&H Gallery Amsterdam / NL
2017The paper trail, C&H gallery, Amsterdam / NL
2016Torn & Teared, Kjubh Kunstverein, Köln/ D
2015With perfect nonchalance, C&H Art Space, Amsterdam / NL
2014Erik de Bree op Sao Miguel, Christies Amsterdam / NL
2013Erik de Bree, schilder, Castellvm Aqvae, Bloemendaal / NL
2012solo, ING insurance, Den Haag / NL
Langolier paintings, Ververs gallery, Amsterdam / NL
2011Improved photographs, Apice for artists, Amsterdam / NL
Rather ripped, Galerie 37, Haarlem / NL
2009Art olive, Amsterdam / NL


2019CODA paper art, Coda museum Apeldoorn / NL
It’s a small world after all, Sebastian Fath Contemporary, Mannheim / D
2018SOLO, 25 kunstenaars uit Castellum Aqvea, Vishal Haarlem / N
2017Van Vlissingen art foundation presentatie, Singer museum Laren / NL
Generatieportretten, Museum Waterland, Purmerend / NL
2016Walking the line VII, Gallerie Martin Kudlek, Cologne / D
2015Presentatie van Vlissingen Art Foundation, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam / NL
2014Labyrint, Villa Zebra, Rotterdam / NL
2013Anders!, Historisch Museum i.s.m. Tanya Rumpff, Haarlem / NL
double damaged, Galerie Bart, Amsterdam / NL
Bedankt voor die bloemen, Teylers museum, Haarlem / NL
2012Horizonverticaal presenteert, kunstvlaai Amsterdam / NL
C.A.R.,Ververs gallery, Essen / D
2011Anoniem gekozen, Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag / NL
Zomeropstelling, Galerie Rob de Vries, Haarlem / NL
2010Not so absolute, Apice for artists, Amsterdam / NL
Restvorm, Horizonverticaal, Haarlem / NL
Bougie art initiatives, P///////AKT, Amsterdam / NL
2009Quantumvis v, RC de ruimte, IJmuiden / NL
Quantumvis v, De Servicegarage Amsterdam / NL
Memento memori, De Vishal, Haarlem / NL
2008Koud, De Servicegarage, Amsterdam / NL
Art olive jong talent 2008, Art olive, Amsterdam/ NL
Kopie-documented now!, de brakke grond, Amsterdam / NL
2007Afwezig, hotel Maria kapel, Hoorn/ NL
2006Pass the drawing, Horsemove project space, Amsterdam / NL


2015Werkbijdrage bewezen talent, Mondriaan Fonds
2013inspiratie-reis,Van Vlissingen Art Foundation
2010Startstipendium, Fonds BKVB


Caldic collectie, Wassenaar / NL // collectie Fentener van Vlissingen // MAL collection, Loppersum / NL // collectie Pieter en Marieke Sanders //
collectie F. Oomen // ING insurance / NL // Dela verzekeringen / NL // SBK amsterdam, Amsterdam / NL and several private Collections


Erik de Bree op Sao Miguel, uitgeverij Waanders (inspiratie reeks 2014)

Erik de Bree

Pattern #40 (EDB/P 16), 2018, acrylic paint on canvas, mount on wood, 38,5 x 29 cm

Erik de Bree

wallpaper painting #28 (EDB/P 4), 2015, wallpaper and acrylic paint on panel, 97 x 73 cm

Erik de Bree

Withdrawal Symptoms Nr 18 (EDB/ 9), 2017, spray paint on torn wallpaper, 31 x 21,5 cm

Erik de Bree

Pattern #37 (EDB/P 17), 2018, acrylic paint on canvas, mount on wood, 34 x 26 cm

Erik de Bree

withdrawal symptom #35 (EDB/P 18), 2017, spray paint on torn wallpaper, mount on wood, 37 x 29,5 cm

Erik de Bree

Withdrawal Symptoms Nr 21 (EDB/ 12), 2017, spray paint on torn wallpaper, 37,5 x 30,5 cm

Erik de Bree

Wallpaper painting #47 (EDB/P 15), 2019, drawing ink, spray paint on wallpaper, mount on wood, 120 x 100 cm

Erik de Bree

pattern #7 (EDB/P 14), 2014, acrylic paint on canvas, mount on wood

Erik de Bree

withdrawal symptom #61 (EDB/P 20), 2019, drawing ink, spray paint on wallpaper, mount on wood, 33,5 x 27 cm