Artist’s statement (not compulsory)

You’re sent on a mission. The objectives are clear. You are to locate the target and set yourself up in a comfortable position within which to take aim, fire and then to disappear as quickly as possible. You follow all orders and procedures to the letter. Everything is proceeding as planned and as smoothly as could be hoped for. You’re set up in an optimal location. You raise up your weapon to take aim. You put your eye to the telescopic lens, and when you look through it you see yourself.

This work was begun in anguish. There are things that I remember, so when I read about them or see the pictures, I think I know what they mean. Everyone wants a piece of suffering. It colors our existence with intensity. We seem to think it qualifies us and gives credence to our claims. I come from a people who have monopolized pain, who think they patented suffering. But I’m not supposed to say that.

In the semiotic minefield two soldiers from opposite sides make the perfect structural text. Each one can kill or be killed. The “other” is perfectly parallel to you – a sign that mirrors you completely. With a certain degree of sweat and dirt you begin to smell the same. Slowly you lose your identity; in fact yours becomes entwined with his. If a bullet rips through your guts you have the time to recollect that you were somebody else.

I use the photographs in lieu of being there. Otherwise you can imagine a painter with a French easel looking that Apache right in the eye. It’s difficult to be ambiguous yet think you know what’s wrong and right. It’s a thin line between bitterness and self-pity. At moments it just feels good to paint. When I was in the army I used to shave my head. A woman on the bus thought I looked sexy.

Finally, a joke:
They hung a man. In the beginning he shook and swung from side to side. Then he got used to it.

February 27 2002


1961born in Pittsburgh / USA
1985-90New York Studio School, New York / USA
1983-85Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem / IL

Currently lives and works in New York, USA.


2014Modified to Fit Your Screen, Elizabeth Harris Gallery, New York / USA
2012You Have Been Pre-Selected, Quinnipiac University, Hamden CT / USA
Segment, New Arts Program,Kutztown, PA / USA
2011Fagin‘s adventures, Elizabeth Harris Gallery, New York / USA
2009Form & Function, Kudlek van der Grinten Galerie, Cologne / D
2008In the Mood for Love, Elizabeth Harris Gallery, New York / USA
2007National and International Projects, PS1, Long Island City / USA
2002Full Frontal, A.R.T. Inc., New York / USA
2000Works on Paper, A.R.T. Inc., New York / USA
1999In memory of the Revolution, Herbert Lust Gallery, New York / USA
1996Recent Works, Virginia Lust Gallery, New York / USA


2017New Gallery / New Work, Elizabeth Harris Gallery, New York / USA
2013 How You Gonna Get Back to Jersey, Planthouse, New York / USA
Silhouette, EFA/Blackburn 20/20, New York / USA
Walking the Line V, Martin Kudlek Gallery, Cologne / D
2011Walking The Line III, Kudlek van der Grinten Galerie, Cologne / D
2010Wall to Wall, Daniel Weinberg Gallery, Los Angeles / USA
2008Text Messaging, Islip Art Museum, New York / USA
Walking The Line, Kudlek van der Grinten Galerie, Cologne / D
2007New Prints 2007/Spring, International Print Center, New York / USA
2006There’s The Rub, Islip Art Museum, East Islip, New York / USA
Brooklyn, Westport Art Center, Westport Connecticut / USA
2005Paperworks, Martin Kudlek Gallery, Cologne / D
2004WMD, The Front Room, Brooklyn / USA
2003Passion-Creation & Rencontre, Espace Evenement Prestige, Paris / F
Ancient Traditions/Contemporary Visions, Ethel H. Blum Gallery, College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor / USA
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CON-TEXT, Dieu Donne Papermill Gallery, New York / USA
1999Hit and Run 1, curated by Edward Winkleman, New York / USA
Raw Seeing, New York Studio School Gallery, New York / USA
1997Four Painters, 123 Watts Gallery, New York / USA


2009The Lower East Side Print shop Key holder award
2005New York Foundation for the Arts fellow in Printmaking/Drawing/Artists’ books
1987The Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation Award


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Eyal Danieli

Untitled (ED/P 68), 2013, Oil Pen on Paper, 19 x 26,5 cm

Eyal Danieli

Untitled (ED/P 70), 2013, Oil Pen on Paper, 25 x 33 cm

Eyal Danieli

Untitled (ED/P 69), 2013, Oil Pen on Paper, 26 x 30 cm

Eyal Danieli

Untitled (ED/P 14), 2007, Ink on Paper, 38,5 x 28,5 cm

Eyal Danieli

Untitled (ED/M 1), 2008, Oil on Canvas, 30 x 40 cm

Eyal Danieli

Artist in Marketplace (ED/P 1), 2002, Ink on Paper, 38,5 x 28,5 cm

Eyal Danieli

Faging Girls (ED/P 6), 2005, Ink on Mylar, 36 x 43 cm

Eyal Danieli

Camel (ED/P 9), 2007, Ink on Plastic Sheeting, 35 x 46 cm

Eyal Danieli

Happiness (ED/P 10), 2007, Ink on Paper, 35 x 45 cm