Patience is required to fully appreciate the works of Geert Vanoorlé as it’s only with time that one can discern the slight nuances in his playful approach of materiality. What looks like paper at first sight is aluminum. It is through this focused exercise in managing irregularity that the artist achieves a contained simplicity, shining through in the finished product. Vanoorlé’s ability to maintain the vitality of these delicate pieces can be attributed to his untimed approach composition and color. His use of color is particularly noteworthy, as he skillfully blends subtle and harmonious tones with contrasting primaries, pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the limited space he chooses for his works.



Leuven 1965
Lives in Gent (B)
Works in Sas van Gent


Hoger Instituut Sint Lucas Gent
Studio Dan Van Severen


2022 ‘Art on paper’ Brussel art fair
2022 ‘L’art dans les chapelles’ Pontivy (Fr) group ‘Le Sourne’ Saint-Jean, Le Sourne (Fr) solo
2022 Fundamenteel Geel group
2022 Art Brussels (Galerie Valerie Traan) art fair
2022 Kajetan Berlin
2021 ‘Small Sculptures’ Michel Rein gallery, Brussels group
2021 Art Antwerp (Galerie Valerie Traan) art fair
2021 Galerie Ruimte P 60 Assen (NL) group
2020 Galerie Valerie Traan, A’pen. solo
2019 Art Brussels (Galerie Valerie Traan) art fair
2019 Galerie Valerie Traan, A’pen duo
2017 Galerie D’Apostrof, Meigem-Deinze group
2017 Galerie Cathy Devos, Aalst solo
2016 In den Bouw, Kalken solo
2015 Gouvernement, Gent duo
2015 Arts & Parts, Gent solo
2015/16 Galerie Valerie Traan, Antwerpen group
2009 Visserij, Gent solo
2008 ‘Ademtocht’ Belfort Brugge group
2007 Ganshoren. group
2004 CC Hasselt. group
2002 CJK, Mariakerke-Gent. group
2000 Delmi decor, Kortrijk. solo
1999 Dansstudio, Colpaertsteeg, Gent. solo
1998 Dansstudio, Colpaertsteeg, Gent. solo
1996 zaal KIM, Oudburg, Gent solo
1993 De Ark, Antwerpen ’93 group
1987, 125 sint Lucas Gent, Witte Zaal group

Geert Vanoorlé, presence absence

Le Sourn nr. 3

2022, acrylic on aluminium, 66 x 56 x 2,5 cm

Geert Vanoorlé


2020, acrylic on aluminium, 54 x 54 cm

Geert Vanoorlé, presence absence

Quartet EA

2021, oil and spray paint on aluminium, 45 x 90 x 2,5 cm

Geert Vanoorlé

Quartet Nr. 9

2021, oil on aluminium, 45 x 90 x 2,5 cm

Geert Vanoorlé

North Sea Nr. 3

acrylic on aluminium, 54 x 45 x 2,5