Galerie Martin Kudlek is presenting works by seven gallery artists: Jonathan Callan, Angela Glajcar, Alexander Gorlizki, Ellen Keusen, Sofie Muller, Niels Sievers and Martin Willing for Volta10.

Jonathan Callan often works with thematically charged found objects such as books or photographs, the surfaces and body of which he transforms by destructive interventions. These two- and three-dimensional objects are deconstructed, their original meaning erased or re-encrypted, providing them with new levels of interpretation.

Angela Glajcar forms abstract relief- and sculptural-objects by tearing sheets of paper. She transforms this material, which is often seen as light and fleeting into works of grand presence. Her additive paper objects hover around a state of equilibrium – our gaze is led into the object by the interplay of light and shadow.

Alexander Gorlizki’s paintings on paper embrace both the traditions of western and eastern (especially Indian) art. While his conceptual approach is totally western the technique he employs is Indian. His unique pictorial language embraces elements of both cultures on all kinds of levels reaching from the banal to the spiritual.

Sofie Muller makes works on paper and sculpture. Her smoke drawings seem to capture transient moments of human existence while her sculptural work reaches deep into the very psyche of this same existence.

Niels Sievers’ painting media ranges from elements of graffiti to the techniques oft the old masters. Fine graduations in the mainly dark, subdued tones are so finely nuanced that a rich colour scheme unfolds to the viewer.